Miss Best, office manager, deals with queries from parents and members of the public. Please contact Miss Best on 0191 237 0419, at admin@seghill.northumberland.sch.uk or in person at the school office. Please speak to Miss Best if you require a paper copy of anything from our website, which she will provide for you free of charge.

School Aims

At Seghill First School, we-

  • work as a team to support our children’s development, irrespective of starting points;  

  • teach them to be confident, resilient and independent learners;

  • celebrate their efforts, hard work and kindness;

  • encourage them to be inquisitive and ambitious members of our school community;

  • value the importance of relationships, communication and honesty.


Ultimately, by the time our children leave our school, we want them to be equipped to become responsible global citizens.  We want them to be the very best they can be.


Seghill First School core values
Seghill First School motto
At Seghill First School we are safe, supported and successful.