School admissions- in-year transfer request

In-year transfer request

Sometimes we receive requests for a place in our school from parents whose child currently attends another school in Northumberland.  We are unable to deal with these requests at school.  Parents should contact Northumberland County Council and request an In Term Admissions Transfer Form.  This form should be completed and returned to the School Admissions Team.  They will co-ordinate your application.

We recommend that you contact the school office and make an appointment to come and look around school before completing an In Term Admissions Transfer Form.

If you live outside of Northumberland you must complete an application form for the Local Authority in which you live and your home authority will co-ordinate with us on your behalf.

In Term Admissions Transfer Forms which are co-ordinated by Northumberland County Council or your home local authority are dealt with as soon as possible and certainly in three school weeks.

Please click on the link below for an in year transfer form-

 In year transfer request form

 This form must be used.  Paper copies are not accepted by Northumberland County Council.