Mrs Elliott, office manager, deals with queries from parents and members of the public. Please contact Mrs Elliott on 0191 237 0419, at or in person at the school office. Please speak to Mrs Elliott if you require a paper copy of anything from our website, which she will provide for you free of charge.

Arrangements for Christmas parties

We have organised parties for children in all year groups to take place in key stage groups.  Please do not send in any food or drinks for your child’s party.  We will provide a treat for the children.

Monday 13 December Purple and Blue class party            

Children in Purple and Blue class will have their party on the afternoon of Monday 13 December.  Children should come to school in school uniform and bring party clothes in a named bag to change in to after lunch.  Children will have their party in their classroom and the hall.  Children will go home as normal at 3:15pm.

Wednesday 15 December Red and Green class party                    

Children in Red and Green class will have their party on the afternoon of Wednesday 15 December.  Arrangements are exactly the same as the for the Purple and Blue class party.

Friday 17 December Orange and Yellow class party           

Children in Orange and Yellow class will have their party on the morning of Friday 17 December.  Children in Yellow class and Orange class should come to school in party clothes.  Children will have a party together in the Early Years Unit and hall as they are working in one large class group.  Children will go home as normal at either 11:45am or 3:15pm on Friday 17 December.

Christmas cards

Class teachers will provide a Christmas card box in each classroom which will be open from Monday 13 December.  Please wait until this date before bringing your cards in.

Children should put their cards in their class Christmas card box. Each teacher will arrange for the cards to be given out, including cards that are for children in other classes and for staff.

Lists of children’s first names and surname initials for your child’s class will be sent home by Friday 10 December to use to address Christmas cards. 

Movie night on Wednesday 15 December
Children in Red, Green, Purple and Blue class are invited to stay after school until 5:15pm for movie night on Wednesday 15 December.  Each key stage will select a movie that they want to watch and they will watch it in their own classroom.  Tickets cost £3.00 and include a film, popcorn and a drink. 

If your child would like to attend, we have set up a payment method on School Gateway.  Click on payments and you will find the option for Movie night December 2021.  Tick the box to give consent for your child to attend, click add to basket and pay £3.00 via School Gateway.  There will be no after school club on Wednesday 15 December.  This option will be open on School Gateway until Friday 10 December, which is the deadline for permission and payments.

Christmas performances

Unfortunately, we cannot invite parents and carers into school to watch our usual Christmas performances this year.  We are going to offer something else instead which will not replace the performances, but will hopefully still bring a little joy to everyone. 

We don’t want to share the details of our plans at the minute, as we would like to keep them as a surprise for you all until nearer Christmas.  We will be filming some activities and posting them on the school website and the school’s Facebook page

If you indicated on the photograph permission form at the beginning of term that you do not give permission for your child’s photo or image to be used on Facebook or the school website your child will not be included in the filming.

Christmas lunch

We are delighted to be able to offer a traditional Christmas lunch to children this year on Thursday 16 December.

Our Christmas lunch is always extremely popular as Mrs Rogage does such an amazing job.  Christmas lunches need to be ordered in advance.  If you would like your child to have a Christmas lunch, please give consent on the Christmas lunch 2021 option in the payments section of School Gateway.  This must be done by Friday 03 December, as this is the date that Mrs Rogage must submit her foods orders to meet the deadlines set by her suppliers.

Please note that we are not serving jacket potatoes on this day.  Please provide a packed lunch if you do not want a Christmas lunch for your child.

Parents of children in Yellow, Red and Green class do not have to pay for this meal as it is provided free due to the Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative.  Parents of children in Orange, Purple and Blue class who are entitled to Free School Meals do not have to pay for this meal.

Parents of children in Orange, Purple and Blue class who pay for their child’s meals should pay in the normal way via School Gateway.

Hot dining menu September 2021 to July 2022
Please see the attached menu for school meals for this school year.
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