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Autumn term B events


Film night Wednesday 06 November 3:30 for red, green and blue class


Non uniform 1 for Christmas fayre Friday 08 November


Children in Need Friday 15 November


Non uniform 2 for Christmas fayre Friday 22 November


Santa’s reading challenge starts on Monday 02 December


Non uniform 3 for Christmas fayre Friday 06 December


Christmas fayre Friday 13 December from 3:15pm


Red, green and blue Christmas carol concert Monday 16 December 9:00am

Yellow and orange class Christmas performance Tuesday 17 December 9:00am


Red, green and blue Christmas carol concert Tuesday 17 December 2:15pm


Christmas lunch Wednesday 18 December


Film night Wednesday 18 December 3:30pm for red, green and blue class


Yellow and orange Christmas party Thursday 19 December from 1:00pm


Celebration assembly Friday 20 December at 8:45am


Red, green and blue Christmas party Friday 20 December from 1:00pm

Week beginning Monday 11 November
School office closed on Tuesday morning
Mrs Elliott is going on a training course on the morning of Tuesday 12 November.  The school office will be closed in the morning and will not be open until Tuesday afternoon.
Autumn term topic homework
Reminder that autumn term topic homework is due in by Wednesday 13 November.  We have been wowed by your contributions to previous topic homeworks, so we are very much looking forward to seeing a contribution from everyone.
Meeting about Dukeshouse Wood
We have arranged a meeting to talk to you about the visit planned for autumn 2020, including the exciting range of activities, health and safety, accommodation and cost.  We will also answer any questions that you may have.
The meeting is on Thursday 14 November straight after school in the blue class classroom.  Year 3 pupils are welcome to attend the meeting with you.   The meeting will be led by Mrs Bell.
Non uniform day for Children In Need
Children are invited to wear non-uniform on Friday 15 November for Children in Need.  
Children can wear any Children In Need themed clothes and accessories if they want to, or non-uniform.  Please send in a donation with your child on Friday which you feel is appropriate.
Green class hula hoop festival
Children in green class will be going to the hula hoop festival with Mrs Lyons and Miss Young on the morning of Friday 15 November.
Autumn term B PE days
Orange class please come to school wearing PE kit on Wednesdays;
Yellow class Wednesdays and Fridays;
Red class Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
Green class Tuesdays and Thursdays;
Blue class Thursdays and Fridays.
November attendance and punctuality initiative
There are 20 school days in November and we are launching an initiative to make every one of these days count through excellent attendance and punctuality for all pupils.
During the month of November, our aim is to have 100% punctuality for all pupils.  Every child who achieves at least 19 out of 20 marks for being on time will be rewarded with 20 smileys (one late mark is allowed during the 20 day period).  Any class with at least 95% punctuality in November will receive 20 minutes extra Golden Time.
We must also try to improve attendance, especially following the recent periods of absence we have had.  Every child who achieves at least 96% attendance in November will be rewarded with 20 smileys.  Any class with at least 96% attendance in November will receive 20 minutes extra Golden Time.
Children with excellent attendance and punctuality in November could gain 40 smileys and 40 minutes extra Golden Time.  Please support us to improve attendance and punctuality by making sure your child is on time for school every day and attends school unless there is a very good medical reason why they must be absent.


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