Preparation for moving to middle school in September 2016

We work closely with the other schools in the Seaton Valley Learning Partnership to ensure that our children feel as confident as possible when they move to middle school at the end of Year 4.
Our transition week is Monday 04 July to Friday 08 July 2016.
On Monday 04 and Tuesday 05 July, our Year 4 children will be taught by their class teacher and a Year 5 teacher from Seaton Sluice Middle School at our school.  At this point the children will start work on a bespoke transition project.  The Year 4 class teacher will meet with staff from Seaton Sluice Middle School in advance to plan the transition project.  On Wednesday 06, Thursday 07 and Friday 08 July our children will travel by coach to Seaton Sluice Middle School and spend three days there being taught by Year 5 staff.  They will continue to work on their transition project.  
The Year 4 teacher will meet with the Year 5 staff team to discuss potential groupings for classes in September 2016, encouraging groupings that work well and suggesting new groupings where they have not been so successful.
We will endeadvour to work with Year 5 staff at other schools if you have not chosen to send your child to Seaton Sluice Middle School.