School meals

Our brilliant school cook, Mrs Rogage continues to cook delicious school meals on the premises every day and we are currently providing more school meals than ever before.



School meals cost £2.30 per day or £11.50 for a week.  



We have a three week rolling menu.  Each term always starts with the week one menu.  


Food choice

As you will see from our menu, we offer one hot meal every day with a dessert or fruit.  Children are also able to help themselves from the salad bar.  If your child has a food intolerance or allergy, please make an appointment to see Mrs Rogage.  She will agree a bespoke medically prescribed menu for your child to ensure their dietary requirements are met.  For example, a child who must follow a dairy free diet will be provided with a dairy free alternative on days when the hot meal is pizza or if the dessert is rice pudding.


Please note that we are not able to provide bespoke meals for children because they don’t like the hot meal choice.  Mrs Rogage is extremely accommodating and goes way above and beyond her paid role in school to provide extras for our children.  She cannot provide bespoke meals for children based on likes and dislikes.  If your child does not like to meal choice on the menu, then parents have to make the decision to order a school meal and their child should leave what they don’t like or parents should provide a packed lunch for their child on that day.