DT - Ice Cream

We have been designing ice creams in our DT lessons this half term.
  • We started by designing our own ice cream, choosing whether we would have it in a cone or a tub, which flavour sauce we would like, and which toppings we would have on top. We drew and labelled our design. 
  • Then, we used our maths skills to work out the cost to make our ice cream. 
  • Afterwards, we looked at the features of instructions, and wrote our own ingredient list, equipment list and method for our own instructions. 
  • Last week we created our own advertising poster to persuade others to buy our ice cream - we made it sound amazing!
  • Today we finally got to make and eat our ice creams - I think you can tell from the pictures just how much we enjoyed them!! We then evaluated the process and our ice creams, thinking about what we might change next time. 

    Super job Red Class!